Bunna man gives me better sex


December 31, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 22 years old and I recently started attending university.

I have a boyfriend and he is 25 years old. We have been together for four years. He is a very good man.

His mother and father love me, and he is all the man that a woman could desire, except for one thing: sex is an issue with us.

He cannot get me wet. He is terrible at foreplay, and he has a big penis.

I used to beg him to go down on me because that's the only way he could get me wet, and I don't have a problem doing it back to him.

And if he doesn't do it, I don't enjoy sex. I don't even reach a climax. He thinks that I do, but if I tell him the truth, it always brings an argument.

Pastor, sex is so painful with him. It is like 90 per cent pain and 10 per cent pleasure. And I suffer from bruises a lot.

Sometimes I lie to him just to avoid having sex with him. But rescue came to me. Recently, I met this other man.

He operates his own taxi and also has a sound system. He is married but separated from his wife. From what he said, I know that he has been hurt badly.

He told me that he was the one to walk away from the marriage because there wasn't any happiness anymore.


I have witnessed passengers speaking about his past while driving in his vehicle, saying that he's a good young man.

Pastor, he takes me out often to parties and dinners, where he plays his sound, but most of all, the sex is so good! It is like I am in Heaven!

I would do it three times for the night with him and I would even ask for more. He pleases me. He goes down on me and we don't use a condom.

I am on the contraceptive Pill, but I don't let him know. Sometimes when I am studying, he's on my mind. I go crazy for his touch anytime.

When I go out with him, my nature calls for sex so often, it is like I have just started to enjoy sex.

Pastor, he is the only man that has pleased me sexually so well. Plus, he is very handsome.

But my parents are not pleased that I am seeing him because they love my boyfriend. My sideman is asking for a baby, but I'm not in a position to do that.

It is not about the money because my boyfriend supplies all of my needs.

He is the one financing me my university studies full time. I love my boyfriend, but I think I am beginning to love the other man even more.

My boyfriend is a good man. He has never wilfully abused me, yet I feel so bad deep inside about what I am doing.

But I need the sex and this man. I don't want to stop having sex with him, Pastor. I don't think I can stop either.


Dear A.S.,

You are such a deceiver. Here is a man that you consider is your boyfriend. The man treats you very well.

He is working his butt off to send you to university and look what you are doing to him!

You claim that the man's penis is very large and every time the both of you have sex, he bruises you.

That is something that both of you should discuss and not take lightly and seek professional help.

There is no way that I can agree that you should get involved with another man while you are getting so many benefits from your boyfriend.

It doesn't matter to me how many people speak highly of the 'bunna man'. It is wrong to be going to bed with him and emphasising that you cannot stop having sex with him.

If you don't want your boyfriend, tell him so and stop taking his money. Stop fooling him!

If you continue the way you are going, you are going to get hurt, and I would hate to know that something very bad has happened to you.


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