My side chick is bribing me with a sex tape


January 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a big problem on my hands. For the last five years I have been married, but I have also been seeing another woman.

This woman and I started a relationship because my wife is too conservative when it comes to sex. But there is now an issue, because this other woman and I made a sex tape and she is planning to make it public if I don't leave my wife.

I love my wife too much to leave her for another woman. But at the same time, if I don't meet the demands of the woman on the side, I may be embarrassed.

Several persons have been recommending that I kill this woman because if the video is released, it will ruin me.

However, killing someone is not a part of my nature. Sometimes I feel like succumbing to the influence of my friends, because I cannot afford to lose my wife and ruin my reputation.

Please tell me what to do. I don't want to kill this woman, but if she releases the tape, my reputation in a certain circle will cease to exist. Further, I will lose my wife and I don't want such a situation.


Dear J.S.,

From the tone of your letter, it appears that you had probably promised this woman that you will leave your wife and marry her. So, now that you are hesitant to carry out your promise, this woman is willing to make it public that both of you have had a serious sexual relationship and she has the video to prove it.

How can you declare that you love your wife so very much and, at the same time, you have kept this woman on the side for the same amount of years you have been married? What was the purpose of having this woman if you love your wife so very much? Ooh! I know your answer. You would say sex. You wanted to use her as a sex machine

You said you love your "wife too much to leave her". Did you think that your girlfriend understood that when she agreed to have you as her man for five years? Would she have allowed you to do a sex tape with her if she had not considered the relationship with you to be real and that there was a future for her? No, sir, she would not have done that tape.

I am not saying that you should leave your wife at all, I am only saying that you are being hypocritical by giving the impression that everything is dandy with your wife, and your girlfriend is the wicked one who wants to ruin the relationship with you and your wife by releasing the tape. I am putting it to you, sir, that you must take the blame 100 per cent.

If you knew your wife was too conservative when it comes to sex, you should have sought professional advice. Anybody who tells you that you should kill this young woman, who has threatened to release the tape, is a fool. And you know that to kill this woman would not make any sense at all. You might not get away with committing this criminal act. So, perish the thought.

Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to get down on your weak knees and beg your girlfriend pardon and even compensate her for the time she has spent with you. You must learn to treat women right.


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