Friend helping my husband to 'get it up'


February 10, 2017

Dear Pastor

I have something to talk to you about. I am 65 years old and my husband is 70. My husband is having problems with his erection. He is a good man otherwise.

We have been married for 40 years. We have children and grandchildren.

Pastor, one day I was talking to our long time friend and I told her that my husband has a problem and what it was. She told me what I could do to help him.

Some of the things she said I can do, I have never done them before, so I told her not at my age. We talked and laughed and moved on.

This woman used to have a husband but he died. She said that up until the time of his death he was saying "one". I told her that maybe that is what caused him to die.

One day my husband came home with some mixed up drink in a bottle. I asked him where he got that and he said that one of the guys at his workplace makes roots so he gave him a bottle.

He drank his roots and I didn't trouble him but nothing happened down there. He went to the doctor but the doctor did not help him.

But the same friend who told me that her husband could strike "one" before he died, took over my husband.

He started to visit her and was boasting to his friends and telling them how having one woman kills penis.

He has been visiting this woman and this woman has been helping him. I don't know if I should talk to this woman about what is going on.


Dear Y.S.

This woman has been a friend to your husband and yourself for a long time and you felt comfortable in discussing sexual problems with her.

Therefore, I see no reason why you cannot talk to her about the changes you have seen in your husband.

Your husband has been taking 'roots' and it hasn't helped him but this woman's husband (according to her) was in his peak even up until he died.

So be brave enough to ask her if she has been giving your husband something that you have not been able to give him.

This woman is single and perhaps she has been inveigling your husband to come around to keep her company and to try to see if she can help him.

You have a right to know and you should put your foot down and tell your husband that he shouldn't go back to that woman's yard unless you are going with him.


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