He has two babymothers at the same time


February 18, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I am pregnant. Two months ago I found out that my babyfather had got another girl pregnant.

This girl and I live in the same neighbourhood. She told me that she knows me, but she did not know that I am pregnant for the same man.

We met in a doctor's office. We were just talking as women together. I wasn't trying to find out her business, nor was she trying to find out about mine.

She was talking about how good her boyfriend is and where he works, and it sounded like my boyfriend.

So I asked her where does he work and she told me, and I realised that it is the same man I have. We took each other's number.

When I saw my boyfriend, he denied that he knew the girl. I called her and hooked us up together, and my boyfriend cursed a bad word and hung up.

This is my first child and it was supposed to be his first too. The next girl who is pregnant for him is nice.

My babyfather has a choice to make because if he is staying with her, he can't have me. Both this girl and myself will be giving birth about the same time.


Dear G.H.

Have your baby and don't try to fight to keep this man as your boyfriend. When your baby is born, refer to this man as your child's father.

You are not special to him, otherwise, he would not have played around with another woman and got her pregnant. He is irresponsible.


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