Brother-in-law's girlfriend says my husband got her pregnant


February 22, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I want you to give me your advice. I was not born in Jamaica, but I married a Jamaican man.

Presently, I am in the US. I visited Jamaica three times and I really like it there, but my husband does not want to come back to the land of his birth.

Life in America is much better for him, he says. We have only one child and the child loves him. He hangs on to him more than he does to me.

Whenever I am in Jamaica, my husband does not take me anywhere. He has many women there, but he will never admit that they have any relationship.

His mother defends him to the ground. It doesn't make any sense asking her to talk to him.

I was in Jamaica for three weeks and my husband and I never had sex and we slept on the same bed.

When I showed interest and tried to wake him up, he didn't. I tried to do his favourite thing but he didn't wake up. He was snoring on me.

Now pastor, here is the big problem. He recently told me a girl is saying that he got her pregnant. But that cannot be true because she is his brother's girlfriend.

I don't know what to do. I have threatened to leave him. I called his mother and told her what he said.

She said that I should take his word because the girl might be trying to break us up.

The thing is, pastor, when my husband is in America with me, he does not run up and down.

I can't say he is a saint; I don't know but there is not any visible evidence that he has other women with me in America, but when he is in Jamaica, he is let loose.

He was once married but divorced. He accused his former wife of cheating but now that is what he is doing. She claimed that she wasn't.

She divorced him anyway and he lost his house. I told my husband that we should go for counselling, but he is not interested.

If the child is his, I am going to leave him.


Dear T.D,

First of all, let me tell you, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your husband.

He is behaving as a fool and you made a mistake by coming back to Jamaica on vacation with him.

You saw what he did the first time you came so you should not have returned and expect him to do better. I can't be sure that your husband is as bad as you have said.

And although his name has been linked to this woman who is now pregnant, you cannot be sure that he is responsible for the pregnancy of this young woman, who is his brother's girlfriend.

It is rather strange that he told you that this girl is pregnant. Perhaps he knows eventually that you would find out.

I am wondering if he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

If the child is his brother's, you should not worry. But I would not suggest that you ask his brother whether your husband was having an affair with his girlfriend.

Would this young woman be so wicked to accuse him of impregnating her? What would she have to gain?

I understand why you would divorce him. Let us hope that the girl is lying and only trying to make mischief.

Keep calm, everything is going to be revealed in due time.


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