My husband doesn't want my breasts to get saggy


February 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for two years and I have been loving it. My husband is the second man I have had. When I met him, I lied. He asked me if I ever had a man.

Because I was going to church, I told him I was not a virgin but I never had a man. He asked me how come. I told him I took my own virginity. He almost fainted with laughter.

I introduced him to my parents. This guy left me in Jamaica and went back to the US.

He promised to marry me. When he was in the US for two months, he called and told me that he is coming back to marry me, but his mother opposed it.

His mother and I became good friends. She told me that she believed I would make her son a good wife.

This man came to Jamaica and we got married in a private ceremony. I left with him for the US.

I confessed to him that I had sex with a man who was twice my age and he said he didn't want to hear about it.

When it comes to lovemaking, I have no complaints. We do everything together. He is a lot of fun.


Pastor, I am slim and have a good body. My husband is not interested in getting me pregnant. He said if I become pregnant, my body would change.

I agreed, but now I am thinking that I should get pregnant earlier and learn how to get back in shape soon after I have had a child.

My husband said my breasts are plump and if I had a child and breastfeed, they are going to be floppy and he does not want that.


Dear F.J.,

You are indeed very fortunate. You are young and you have found yourself a good man.

You lied when you met this man, but he knew that you were talking nonsense when you told him that you had taken your own virginity.

He is a mature man and he knew that whatever had happened in the past is in the past, so he proposed to you and everything has gone right, congratulations.

This man does not want you to get pregnant now. Perhaps he is like so many other men who do not like to look at their women when they are pregnant.

But if you believe that it is time for you to get pregnant, you should be able to convince him that everything is going to be all right.

He does not need to worry about your breasts becoming saggy if you have a child and breastfeed.

As I answer your letter, I am thinking of what the Bible says about the breasts and how a man should be ravished by it.

Yes, the Bible says that a man should enjoy his wife's breasts, but I am sure that does not mean a woman should be discouraged from breastfeeding.

Medical doctors have declared that it's pregnancy, rather than breastfeeding, that may cause your breasts to change in size and shape after having a baby.

If you're worried about your breasts drooping during pregnancy, the best thing you can do is support them with a comfortable, well-fitting bra.

Your husband need not be worried. You are a beautiful woman and your doctor will advise you on how to take care of your body.


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