He won't support his child


March 09, 2017

Dear Pastor

I am 22 years old. I am in a terrible situation. My babyfather is refusing to take care of his child. He is saying that the child is not his because she doesn't look like him.

I gave birth to the child and she doesn't even look like me. I told him that if he doubts that the baby is his, he should do a DNA test. It took him one year to do the DNA.

He got back the result and he told me the test says she is his child. When I asked him for things for her, he is cursing and saying she's not his child. I am confused, pastor. What should I do?


Dear Y.B.

Haul this man before the court for child support. Make sure you have the DNA result and show it to the magistrate. This retched man should support his child. He is a wicked brute.

Don't beg him anymore. Just take him to court and tell the magistrate that you would rather him pay the child support through the court.


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