I think my boyfriend is perfect for me


March 10, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 17-year-old college student. I started in September of last year and I have been doing really great so far.

I have a boyfriend who goes to the same college and I have known him for basically my entire life. He is really loving and caring and I believe he has my best interest at heart.

He never makes me feel uncomfortable or anything. I trust him so much. He is my strength. He is just always there for me, and vice versa. We have a very healthy relationship.

What bothers me, though, is somehow I am nervous or concerned about what others say about us. This makes me really unhappy and I believe this is especially because of my age.

As I said before, I am 17 (I will be 18 in October) and my boyfriend is 22. I do not believe he is like any ordinary male.

He is caring, he does not flirt, he is the church type and he knows what he wants in life. He is very ambitious.

I am not sexually active, but I am also not a virgin. I told him I did not want to make having sex a habit, especially not now, and he said he understands and is willing to compromise if that is what makes me comfortable.

I also need to mention that most of my batch mates do not like him because they say he is not friendly, but I do not care what they say (even though I am not comfortable with that).

I am not going to leave him just because they do not like him. I think it is better that way.

Some persons also think he is ugly, but Pastor, honestly, I could not care less. I do not care about his outward appearance, what matters is what he has on the inside.

Plus, he has all the qualities I look for in a gentleman. I am beautiful enough for the both of us. I love him and I am faithful to him also, but sometimes he allows his insecurity to get the best of him. He says I am too good to be true.

I am just confused by all of the negatives in this letter, but otherwise I am happy with my life because I am making my parents and family proud by working hard in school and trying to maintain an excellent GPA.

Plus, I have good influence and support. I look forward to your response.


Dear D.S.A.,

You are not yet an adult, but you write as someone who is mature and knows what you want. Although you have a boyfriend, you are not sexually active but, evidently, you were active in the past.

Some of your friends do not like your boyfriend because, according to them, he is not handsome and, in their opinion, you should have a handsome guy.

It is not their business, really, to choose for you. Some men who are not very good-looking have been fortunate to have very beautiful wives.

I hope you will not be disappointed by this young man. Remember your focus should really be on your studies. Work towards a career, and I wish you well.


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