Boyfriend tells me nasty things


March 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I listen to you every night. I hardly miss your shows. I have been listening from the time you started and I have learnt a lot.

When I started to listen, my boyfriend was very upset with me. He used to tell me that by listening to you I am learning too much.

Every time we had an argument, he used to say, "You can call pastor and tell him that he can't do me anything. All I know is that you can't leave me."

I used to cry when he would curse me and tell me how my private parts is big and how I am stink and he can get young girls. I do not smell and my private parts is not big and stretched out.

So one night I told him that I am going to make an appointment to come and see you. I made the appointment, but that day I couldn't leave the house because he refused to go to work.

So I stayed home and we reasoned it out. Now, he is your biggest fan. He comes in early, takes his shower, eats and both of us lie down and listen to your show.

We have one son together. He is saying now that he wants another child and he wants both of us to get married.

He is 44 years old and I am 30. We are living in his parents' home. They are not in Jamaica. He is everything that is bad. He drinks, smokes and gambles. He has eased up on the drinking.

Pastor, we would like to come to you for counselling.


Dear J.G.,

I am glad that you are a regular listener to the 'Dear Pastor' show. Your boyfriend did not want you to listen but you insisted, and now he has come to realise that you have gained much by listening.

He has tried to embarrass you by cursing you in the most disgraceful way, but he seems to have changed.

I will be glad to meet with both of you. Kindly call my office and make an appointment to see me. The number is 876-929-1667.


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