Daughter's man wants me out of her house


March 20, 2017
Worried youth

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column, and it has opened my eyes on many things. Keep up the good work.

I have a daughter. I have tried with her, and out of the four girls that I have, she has turned out the best. She is living with a man, but she bought her house before she started living with him. It is a three-bedroom house. When she was there negotiating for the house, she told me that she wanted me to come and live with her and, in turn, rent out my house. She helped me to fix up my place. I have been living with her for two, going on three years.

A man started visiting her. She introduced him to me. I couldn't say anything to her because she is a big woman and she needs a man. I have everything to my comfort. But this man doesn't want me to stay here. He told my daughter that I have my own house and that is where I should live. My daughter told him that she wanted me near to her.

We have a helper, and I sometimes assist the helper because I am strong enough to help myself. The helper told me that she heard my daughter telling him that he doesn't know how hard I worked to bring them up since their mother died from they were young. I used to enjoy living here, but now I am wondering what to do. My daughter told me that she prefers to ask him to leave than for me to live alone. The other daughters told me to make myself comfortable. I would like to hear from you, Pastor.


Dear B.R.,

This man is out of order. Your daughter wants you to live at her home. She wants to give you the best care in your senior years. I am sure she discussed the matter with her siblings. She had you move in before she got involved with this man. What have you done to cause him not to like you? I am asking that question, but at the same time I know that you don't have to do anything for a man or woman not to like you. They will hate you for no apparent reason.

Stay where you are. You are no burden to your daughter. She would tell you if you were a meddling father. From the money you are earning from rent, make sure you offer your daughter some so that you can help to pay your keeps.

If this young man doesn't behave himself, you would have to tell your daughter to kick him out of her house.


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