Leaving my boyfriend for my one-night stand


March 23, 2017

Dear Pastor

I am 21 and having a problem. Two years ago, I was playing mas, having a good time in carnival.

I met a guy. I didn't know him but we hugged and danced for hours. When it was all over, I went home. My boyfriend was on duty so he couldn't take part, but I told him that I enjoyed myself.

The same guy came back last year and we met. He had called me and told me he was coming and would like to link up with me.

I had to lie to my boyfriend in order to link with him. I told my boyfriend that I was going to my mother.

The guy is charming and very sexy. We had dinner and he invited me to his room. I did not resist him because I fell in love with him from the time I met him.

He gave me the best sex I have ever had. I couldn't go home because I did not know what to tell my boyfriend. I got up, went to the bathroom and went back in his bed and asked him for more, and he complied.

The second time around I noticed he did not put on the condom and I knew when he was coming; I felt it. I tried to push him off but I failed to do so. I am not pregnant though.


This guy had saved up his money, and again he is in Jamaica. I want to be with him. He said that he has been saving himself for me, but I don't believe him.

He's not married, but he has a girlfriend in his country. He said that he will give her up for me if he can get a job in Jamaica.

Do you think I should encourage him to give up his work and to come to live in Jamaica?

My Jamaican boyfriend said I don't respond to him as well as I did before. Sometimes I feel like telling him that I am not interested in him anymore.

I feel like I would spend the rest of my life with the other guy. That is why am writing to you.


Dear E.L.

You are too easy to get. You knew that you have your man and the relationship was of a serious nature, so you should not have given this guy the impression that you were free and available.

Evidently, you do not love your Jamaican boyfriend. I wonder if you are aware that this guy with whom you had sex will never trust you.

He would always see you as someone who cheats, and even if he should marry you, he should believe that what you did to your boyfriend, you are likely to do to him. Don't fool yourself.

I go further to tell you that this nonsense that he's coming to Jamaica to live with you is nothing but 'man talk'. He's not coming.

He will come back for carnival, not just to jump up but to get more of your stuff.

You don't know if you should tell your boyfriend what you are doing. He might not know the man with whom you are having sex. I am sure he feels the vibes.

You should end the relationship with him before he finds out what you are doing. Leave the relationship in peace. I wouldn't want to hear that something bad has happened to you.

Some men can't take 'bun'. Some of them do crazy things when they find out that their women are cheating.


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