My stepfather fondled my sister and me


March 27, 2017

Dear Pastor

I just read the story that you had about the woman who said she didn't trust her boyfriend around her daughter. She said her boyfriend had an erection while her daughter was lying on his belly.

Pastor, I simply can't believe that you didn't tell this woman to leave this man. Warning her to not leave her child around him alone won't change anything. She works while he does not, so at some point that child would be alone with him. Would you trust that man to be alone with any of your young children?

terrified of him

That man could possibly be a paedophile and instead of telling her to leave him, you're saying not to give her boyfriend the impression that she doesn't love him?

Instead of waiting until she sees something, she should leave that man and ask her child if he touched her in any way.

My older sister and I have been fondled by one of my stepfathers when I was much younger, and even though my sister and I told our mom, all she did was tell him not to do it again. He stopped doing it to my sister because she was braver than me. But he continued to do it to me and I was terrified of him until he and my mom finally broke up.

Remember pastor, prevention is better than cure.


Dear S

I appreciate your comments and I am not at all annoyed by your response. I am sure that many readers would agree with you. I have to weigh every case carefully and I responded according to the merit of this matter. You are an intelligent reader and you believe that the mother of this child should have ended the relationship with her man. Although there is no indication that he had fondled the little girl or that he intended to do so.

I am sure that others would say get rid of this man just as you said, "Prevention is better than cure". I understand why you are adamant that this woman should end her relationship with her man.

You say that your sister and you were fondled by your stepfather, and when you complained to your mother she only warned him. Therefore, you do not believe that any man should be trusted. Believe me, I understand your position and again I say I am not at all upset by you disagreeing with me. I thank you for expressing yourself clearly.

And I hope you would write to me again.


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