Need a job so I can take care of my baby


April 11, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column, and so I must commend you on the good work that you have done and the changes you have made in others' lives. The Lord sees and blesses you.

I have written to you before and it has helped. That relationship has gone sour because my partner has given up. So the relationship couldn't work. No advice, no counselling, nothing can change that.

Anyway, I'm writing to you because I have to find a job now that the relationship is completely over, and I need to find a room to rent for my son and me. My son will be eight months old soon. I've sent out a few rEsumEs, but I'm yet to get a call-back. The baby's father is not a good man, and neither is he a good father because he's trying to spite me by spiting the baby, his own son. And I can't stay and tolerate that. I know you love examples, so let me give you one.

Recently, I called him to tell him that the baby completely ran out of milk, and that was minutes to 9. There was nothing else for him to eat because his juice had

finished and his father had not bought any baby food as yet. We only had water. Why did he take so long to buy the baby's supplies? I don't know. A little over an hour passed and he didn't show up, so I had to ask the neighbour to keep an eye on the baby while I went to the store to buy food for the baby. My foot was damaged in early March and I recently did surgery, so I should not be walking until I can start physiotherapy. When he got here, it was minutes to 11. He had only purchased one pack of Lasco and he knows the baby drinks it a lot.

I was very upset. But we hadn't been talking for over a week, so I didn't bother to say anything to him. A little later, I went to him and told him the baby was almost out of his medication, and he flipped. He started to curse. He said that I shouldn't say anything to him and that it should've been my neck that had been broken instead of my foot. What human being wishes that on another? Let alone the mother of your child or even someone you hunted down for a week just so you could have a chance with her. I didn't even create an argument as I normally would. I just told him that God has a beating for him.

So you see, Pastor, I'm desperate for a job. I am a smart young lady who has made some mistakes. But it is from these mistakes that I have learnt and I do believe that God has put me in this situation to prepare me for something far greater. I will overcome. I must.

I have attached my rEsumE and also included at the bottom of this email, an application letter. I do hope you can help. Thank you.

Desperate Young Mom

Dear Desperate Young Mom.

I do hope that very soon you will be able to get yourself a job. This man believes that you are pressuring him too much. He believes that he is doing his best and you are just miserable. He is not considering that you are unemployed and unable to do much and unable to financially support your child.

From what you have said, you are willing to do any type of job in an office. You do not have much experience. However, if you are willing to submit yourself on the job training and you are cooperative, you will succeed. You have my prayers and I will communicate with you if someone is willing to employ you.


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