Mom caught my sister having sex behind a shed


April 13, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a sister, and my mother caught her having sex with one of the guys in the community. This guy always loved my sister and always gave her money. I knew that for a long time. My mother used to spend some of the money.

My sister used to bring all different kinds of things in the house and our mother knew that she got them from men. My sister told me that she only had one other guy. Almost everything came from this guy who is a drug pusher. My sister did not let the guy in my mother's house.

It was behind a shed that they were having sex. Now this guy is exposing my mother because my sister told him that some of the money that he gave to her, she took it and bought underwear for my mother.

The guy didn't put it decently. He said that if he never gave my sister money she wouldn't wear underwear. Pastor, my mother should not beat her because my mother did not set good example for any of us. She has four of us and all four are different fathers. This guy said he is not going to leave my sister, and my sister said she is not going to leave him.

Sometimes she does not come home until my mother is gone to bed. My mother told her that she is sorry for beating her, but if she gets pregnant she must stay with the man who got her pregnant. My sister will soon be 18 and she has started smoking. She says she is ashamed to stay in the area. Do you think my mother should beat my sister just for having sex with her boyfriend?


Dear E.E.,

I wonder why your mother beat your sister. Was it for having sex or was it because of the place she chose to have sex and with whom she was having sex. From the tone of your letter she knew that your sister was sexually active and she must have suspected that her partner was the drug dealer. On the other hand, she might say that she did not know this guy was dealing with drugs. Where would she have gotten so much money?

Do you think your mother would have beaten her if she had taken the guy in her house? Perhaps if she had taken the man into her house the beating would have been more severe. Beating a child for having sex would not prevent her from continuing.

Your mother has shamed her daughter, and by shaming her daughter she has also brought shame upon herself. And your sister's boyfriend should not have repeated what your sister told him how she spent part of the money he gave to her. He was angry that your mother has beaten his girlfriend. "Shame and scandal in the family".


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