I want to make by boyfriend happy


April 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice on something. I am in a relationship for six months now with an ambitious guy who works really hard. However, his salary is not really enough. I am working, so it doesn't matter to me whether he gives me money or not. I love him so much and he loves me, too. We often argue and it is hurting the both of us.

Pastor, I recently found out that I am a very negative person. I always think the worse and jump to conclusions and that is what causing the arguments. I can feel that we are going to break up soon. Things are starting to feel different between us, and I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose him.

I went as far as to Google on how to be a positive person. I am working on the steps. But I easily get upset and repulsive, and that's what causes the argument last night.

Can you please help me to be a better person? I want to be happy and optimistic. In that case, I can make my boyfriend happy and enjoy our relationship. What can I do to see life as something precious and not a curse? He is the one that makes me happy and I am about to lose him any day now.

I need someone to talk to. I think I need help, some real help! Please answer me as soon as possible because I am lost.


Dear V,

An intimate relationship that is only six months old is nothing to write home about. Such a relationship is not solid. A couple doesn't get to know each other well in six months. You write like a person who is in her late teens and is struggling to really know herself.

You are also very naOve. You say that this man does not work for much, but that doesn't bother you because you are working. You see, you are immature. Although at present you do not feel for any financial assistant from this man, the time will come when you will need help from him. So no mature woman would say that it doesn't matter what her man makes.

When a couple is in love with each other, they plan together for a good future and money plays a big part. It is not the number one issue, but it is what pays the bills. You describe yourself as negative and one who jumps to conclusions. You might have added that you are controlling. I repeat, the relationship is young, but if you do not learn to control your tongue or your actions, this guy will indeed walk away from you, because no intelligent guy wants a nagging woman in his life, even if she doesn't ask him for money.

May I suggest, therefore, that you ask this young man whether he will be willing for both of you to make an appointment to see a family counsellor to discuss your relationship. I wish you well.


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