I took away my boss' man with my cooking


April 27, 2017

Dear Pastor,

My husband's people don't like me because I don't come from a middle-class family.

I used to work as a helper with this man and his wife. She didn't like to cook.

She went away for two weeks and he asked me if I would cook for him. The first day I cooked fish, he enjoyed it so much.

The following day, I cooked him curried goat. He enjoyed it. I did not know that he had his eyes on me, because I am a poor girl.

His wife returned to Jamaica. She questioned me as if she heard something. I told her nothing went on between her husband and I, and she said her husband has changed since I cooked for him.

She said she was going to give me notice because she did not want anything to develop between her husband and myself.

She paid me off and I did not go back to work. Her husband contacted me because his wife told him that I walked off the job, so I told him what she said.

Pastor, that man never stopped until he got me to go to bed with him. I had a boyfriend, and because of him my boyfriend and I broke up.

He used to hide and see me, and then he started to invite me to his office. One day his secretary saw him kissing me and reported it to his wife. She went to his office and made a scene.


She divorced him and we got married privately. His people did not even know we were married.

His father said he would cut him out of his will. He said he did not care, but his people never stopped taunting him about me until it started to affect him at work.

He sold his house and gave his wife her share. I tried to get pregnant, but it didn't work. My ex-boyfriend was always checking on me, and one day I told my husband that I was going to go back to him. He said anything I wanted to do would be all right with him.

Last year, he told me that he would pay my rent for one year, but the relationship would have to come to an end.

My rent is $25,500 per month and he pays it. He is gone. Whenever I need anything from him, he gives it to me, but I know life will not be the same between us. However, I am asking for your opinion.


Dear P.T.,

I am not going to blame you for what has happened to this man and his wife.

He must have told his wife about your good cooking, and she figured out right away that he had fallen in love with you.

I can't blame her for wanting to preserve her marriage, but by that time he had gotten food from the kitchen and food from the bedroom you know what I mean.

The relationship between you and this man was not based on true love. It was lust all the way.

I hope that you will get yourself another job before the full year runs out on you. I doubt that he would stop paying the rent if you do not get yourself a job.

But if he knows that you are not making an effort to get a job and your boyfriend is sleeping with you, he might not be willing to assist anymore.


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