My sister and her boyfriend had sex right beside me


May 02, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I must say congratulations to you for the good job that you are doing. I read your column every day. I am one of your fans.

I am 17 and I have a problem. I have a sister; she has a baby. She and I live with our mother. Her babyfather lives in the country and he came up to visit her.

Where we were living at first, we had three bedrooms. My mother stayed in one and my sister and I had the other rooms. The rent was too high, so we moved.

My father, who is in America, is helping my mother to pay the rent. But we could only afford to rent two rooms. My sister and I share one room.

The room was too small to put the two beds. So my bed had to be put away in the room.

I have a boyfriend, he comes to visit me and goes home. When my sister's boyfriend came to see her, it was raining heavily. My mother had long gone to bed.

My sister asked me if we can share the bed together because he couldn't go home. I agreed. I did not even know when they came into the bed. All I knew is that the shaking of the bed woke me up.

My sister and her boyfriend were having sex. This man did not have a piece of clothes on, although he knew I was right there.

I asked them if they couldn't avoid doing that and they knew I was on the bed. My sister said he wanted sex and she was not going to see him until two weeks time.

I was so embarrassed, I went and used the bathroom then I knocked on my mother's door and went into her room.

no respect

I did not tell my mother that my sister's boyfriend was in the room. But I don't have any more respect for my sister because of what she said to me.

She told me that I am jealous because her boyfriend came and gave her what she was hoping to get. It was three weeks she hadn't got any 'service' from him.

My mother found out that the guy slept there because early in the morning when I got up to get ready and I opened the door to get my clothes, he was still in there with her. I started to fuss and my mother heard.

This guy told my sister that I always liked him and he refused me and that is why I am behaving that way with him now.

He is not my type and my sister should thank me because I did not tell my mother that the reason why I left the room and came into her room was because the guy was having sex with my sister on the same bed I was sleeping on.


Dear P.W.,

You haven't done anything wrong. Your sister should have known that it was wrong to have sex with her boyfriend on the same bed where the three of you were sleeping on that rainy night.

Perhaps she didn't know that you would have woken up. Common sense should have told her that that was not a decent thing to do.

Her child's father believed that you should keep quiet and your sister feels the same way, too. On the other hand, they are trying to make you feel as if you are a troublemaker.

So the guy has decided that the best way to embarrass you is to accuse you of wanting to have a sexual relationship with him. You know that is far from the truth.

Whatever your sister might say to you, forgive her because you have to bear in mind that her boyfriend knows what they did was out of place. Forgive her and try to live in peace with her.

But only say hello, good morning and good evening to her babyfather when he comes to visit her.


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