I need financial help but I won't sell my body


May 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I would like to get some help to further my studies. I was recently incarcerated and I lost everything. I really want to improve the quality of my life and be a positive role model. I am unemployed.

There is a man who is willing to help me financially, but I will have to sleep with him. This man is more than twice my age and I have started going back to church. But, pastor, I really need the help. What should I do?


Dear P.J.,

I want you to know that I have carefully read the different messages you have sent me. And I am glad that I have the opportunity to speak to you.

I believe that you are very ambitious, but unfortunately you broke the law and had to pay the penalty for doing so.

I believe you are a good young woman, but you have made a very big mistake and it is my prayer that you would pick up the pieces and move on.

You will suffer depression from time to time, but with God's help you will overcome your obstacles.

You know that you cannot give up and I am glad that you are willing to go back to school. So I am publishing part of your letter and appealing to anyone who might be willing to assist you in getting an education.

Please understand, I know you feel embarrassed, but I urge you to commit yourself to God and trust in Him. If anyone is willing to help you, I would contact you immediately.

Be assured of my prayers.


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