My husband is boring in bed


May 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I have been married for three years. When it comes to sex, my husband is very lazy. He wants me to do all the work. We are always arguing when it comes to sex.

Even when I am very tired, my husband wants me to take the leading role. He says I am younger so I can do more than what he can do.

I love my husband on top. He goes that way sometimes, but most times I have to go on top. I told my husband that as a man he should play that role.

But he says that it is much more enjoyable for him when I am on top. I can see the expression on his face when I am on top. I would like to hear your opinion.


Dear C.R.,

Whether you are on top or below, try to please your husband and don't complain. You did not say how old you are but you mentioned that you are younger.

So, if you are younger and more energetic and it is your husband's wish that you be on top, then rock away, baby, rock away.


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