Sex is a beautiful thing


May 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I think that sex is something that releases tension, but too much pressure on a spouse can affect him or her. The difference in age does not matter.

Once a person knows his or her limitations, he or she can work with it.

Sex is a pleasurable activity and whether you want to do it every day, you should learn not to go over your limit because you would get hurt.


Dear T.M.,

Everybody thinks that he or she is an expert on sex. Even some Christians pretend that they don't even like to talk about it because they know everything about it already.

Too much emphasis is put on it. But on the other hand, some have foolishly and ignorantly refused to do what is necessary to satisfy their spouses and, as a result, they have destroyed their relationships. Gone were the days when couples suffered in silence about sex.

The Bible says that a man ought to meet the sexual needs of his wife and the wife ought to meet his sexual needs.

And the Bible also says that those who refuse to meet the sexual needs of their partners may lose them to others, because the man or woman who is sex-starved may seek to satisfy his sexual needs outside of his marriage.

It is true that couples should exercise self-control even when they are married. But there is a place for everything under the sun, and sex has its benefits.

It is for procreation and pleasure. That is what the Bible says.

Anyone who does not know what the benefits of having sex are, should buy good books on the topic and read about it.

They can also search the Internet and read and learn what medical doctors and sex therapists say about it.

One can always overdo a good thing, and that's why I mention earlier that one should also exercise self-control.

But people who are in good health and are married should never give up having sex. And that include couples who are in their 80s and over.


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