Unwilling to divorce cheating husband


May 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I was working in the United States of America. While I was away, my husband took another woman in my house and had sex with her on my bed. I bought that bed with my own money. When I confronted him, he denied taking the woman to the house, but eventually he admitted doing so. I am so hurt.

Both of us need counselling. I am a Christian, so I do not want to divorce him. He has also become a Christian. But I am still hurting. I wonder if both of us can come to you for counselling. I would love to have an appointment.


Dear J.,

I regret hearing that your husband has been unfaithful. However, it seems to me that although you are disappointed in him and you feel hurt, you are willing to stay with him because you do not believe in divorce.

Your husband did the right thing by admitting that he was wrong. He is a very fortunate man because some women would have divorced him in spite of what their church teaches.

I will be willing to meet with both of you. Kindly call my office and make an appointment to see me.


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