My bikini giving pastor headache


May 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I am a Christian. My goal is to become an accountant. I have been in church from the time I know myself. There is a young man in church that I love. He is the son of the senior pastor.

The church planned a beach trip and my boyfriend was in charge of organising the young people. We had enough people for two buses. I bought a new bikini outfit for the occasion. Everybody liked my suit, except the senior pastor.

While we were enjoying ourselves, my boyfriend came to me and asked me to put on my shorts over my bikini, because the bikini is showing me up too much. I asked him if he didn't like to see me in bikini and he said I look beautiful, but his father told him to tell me to put on my shorts over the bikini, or wear a long T-shirt. I told him no, I would not do so because this is the beach, and I went on with my friends, swimming and playing.

Would you believe that this man called my mother and told her that I am being disobedient, and it looked vulgar to be wearing the bikini as men are around?

My father told the preacher to lighten up and allow the young people to have a good time. When the trip was over, and we went back home, all the young people were called and told that they should never wear two-piece swimwear or bikinis again, otherwise, the church will ban all beach trips.

Pastor, this man doesn't like me. And this is his way to try to break up the friendship between his son and myself. I am not fat, but I have a good shape. I have a lovely rump. I didn't do anything on the beach that the other girls did not do.

There were other girls in bikini, and the pastor didn't say anything about these young ladies. His son told me that I looked lovely in the bikini. The pastor said that I was causing men to lust. With everybody around, how can the men lust? The pastor would like another girl to be with his son, but my boyfriend doesn't like her.

My mother likes him, but she told me I should respect the pastor and not say anything about him. I can't do anything about my shape. My boyfriend told me that his father does not even want to see his mother in shorts in the house. He told her that it is wrong for her to be in pants. He quarrels. If she is in a pair of shorts that reach down to her knees, when she knows it is time for him to come home she takes it off.

What do you think about this, Pastor?


Dear R.S.,

The leadership of the church made a mistake by not telling the members what was expected of them as they went on the trip. There is a time and place for everything. I have seen woman in clothes that are not befitting to the occasion. But I suppose that they are brainwashed into believing that it is wrong for them not to put on clothes that is appropriate for the beach.

On the other hand, I have seen women on the beach wearing swimsuits that can be described as G-string. But who am I to condemn them? I believe that the senior pastor is concerned about his son, who is a leader among the young people and having a relationship with a girl who is very sexy.

He is probably afraid that you may lead his son astray. So seeing you in such an attractive bikini, that showed up your shape, he considers that too sexy for his son. I believe that you should have been left alone. And in the future, a dress code could be discussed before another beach trip is planned.


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