Pregnant with his child but he doesn't support me


May 17, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am from Manchester. I am 20 years old and pregnant. I have a three-year-old daughter but this pregnancy is by a different man. My mother keeps my daughter.

The man who got me pregnant is giving me problems. I was living with him, but I had to leave his house one night because we were having problems.

The following day he took a different woman to the house and talked to me like I was nothing, because he knows I love him.

I have rented a place, but I do not have a stove. So I went to his house to beg him to give me $500 to buy some soup because I was not feeling well. He walked away from me. I was so embarrassed, I cried.

I am seven months' pregnant and he has not given me any money to buy stuff to get ready for the baby. I see him with other women and all I do is walk past him and go home and cry.

He doesn't want me to talk to any other man. He still loves me.


Dear Unnamed

You shouldn't be living on your own. You should go back to your mother. You are going to need her as you prepare for your baby.

You are seven months' pregnant, anything can happen to you, whether it's night or day.

Even if the house is not very convenient, your mother would understand why you have to come home. She would not want to know that you are faced with difficulty as you prepare for your baby.

This man who has got you pregnant does not respect you. He is behaving like a beast. He did not even take the time to see whether the both of you could resolve your problem.

As soon as you left his house he moved another woman in; he is a wicked and inconsiderate man. He wouldn't even give you a $500.

Such a man makes other men look mean, even if they are not. He doesn't have any heart. I hope that the child you are carrying will not turn out like him.

Go back to your mother. Stay there until you are able to bounce back. And please use your senses. If you are determined to have sex in the future, protect yourself.


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