Worried my four year-old talks about having a boyfriend


May 17, 2017

Dear Pastor

I am a parent of one. My daughter is four years old. What I want to know is, would you say that it's normal for her to be talking about boyfriend?

It's not in a way that would be considered as out of order.

A little boy is in her class at school. They bring each other flowers and trade snacks and stuff like that. I think it's cute and I ask her about him almost every day and tease her too.

But I am just wondering if I am encouraging something wrong? Let me know what you think.


Dear A.M.,

Children learn from parents, and if you talk about love and show affection to your mate, your little girl will do the same when she grows up.

When she talks about love it has nothing to do with intimacy. It is purely friendship and nothing else.

She has learnt from you to give members of the opposite sex gifts and to receive gifts from them. She does so in a very childish way. What she is doing is not harmful.

I repeat, nothing is wrong with what your little girl is doing. Consider that kids' stuff.

And by the way, it is good that your daughter and you are talking about boys at her age, and I pray God that the communication will remain the same as she gets older.


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