Can't trust my mother anymore


May 18, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem. I am a 35-year-old man and I am the only child for my mother. I bought a piece of land. I am trying to build a house because I have two children and they are living with their mother.

I have to pay $10,000 for them to live in one room with their mother. I pay the $10,000 because it has a little kitchen and a little bathroom. It is a kind of ghetto living.

I didn't grow up in the area. So when I go there to see them, I leave before it gets late. And my mother likes to fret. Sometimes my babymother comes with them for weekends.

I had $30,000 put down to do some work on my house and when I was ready for it, it was not there.

I called my children's mother and asked her if she took money from where I put it, and she said she couldn't take it as she didn't know where I put it. I don't know my woman to be a thief.

I knew where I put the money but I said to myself, if my girlfriend didn't take the money and my mother didn't take it, where could it be?

My mother left for church, and I decided to make a search, and Pastor, would you believe that I found the money? It was my mother who took the money and hid it.

I asked her why she had to do that. She can't tell me why, the only thing she said is if she had asked me I wouldn't give her.

My mother told me she can't say everything. But I did not believe that it was my girlfriend who stole my money. That's why I decided to search. I looked in places that I never searched in my life. Now, Pastor, tell me, how can I trust my mother?

I asked my mother if there was a bill that she has to pay that I don't know about, and she told me that she is a big woman, don't ask her any question.


Dear G.F.,

I don't know why your mother removed the money from where you put it. I would hate to think that she meant to steal it.

I would prefer to believe that she moved it to a place she considered safer. I would urge you to look at it that way than to consider your mother a thief.

What I am happy about is that you had great confidence in your children's mother and you knew from the very outset that she did not steal your money.

May the relationship that both of you have together grow from strength to strength. And please, if you had given the impression that she had taken your money, ask her forgiveness.


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