I found nude photos on his phone


May 19, 2017
File smartphone

Dear Pastor,

I am a 20-year-old female, who has been in a relationship for three years.

Our relationship is pretty wild, yet romantic and sweet. My boyfriend has cheated in the past, but we have sorted things out and have been able to move on. But, Pastor, I think he has started cheating again.

He normally asks me for nude photos, but because I don't trust electronic devices, I say no. Our sex life is good, no complaints or anything, but I found nude pictures with other females in his phone, along with videos. I confronted him about what I saw.

He looked me in the eyes and told me that the nudes are his comfort and I am not sending him any, so he had to get them elsewhere. What should I do?


Dear N.C.,

Your boyfriend doesn't have to give you the real reason why he has these nude pictures and videos of other women in his phone. However, I would say that he gave to you a very clever answer.

And if you do not like those pictures in his phone, you should have insisted that he remove the immediately while you were with him.

You have not agreed to send him nude pictures of yourself. And I would say that you are smart not to have done so. You know the type of man you have. You shouldn't trust him with such pictures.


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