Mischief maker made my life hell


July 05, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column for a long time. I am 18 years old. From I was eight years old my mother took me to live with my grandparents. She went away and got married, but she didn't come back to Jamaica until my grandmother died, which was three years ago. My grandparents, especially my granddad, treated me well. My grandmother used to say that my grandfather spoiled me. I love him so much.

After my grandmother died, my grandfather had people coming to do days work and some of them used to steal. Someone told him of a lady who wanted a job as a live-in helper. He employed her. She and I didn't get along well. She wanted to tell me what to do. She saw that sometimes I would sleep in my grandfather's room and she used to talk and say that I am a big girl I should go to my room, and stay in my room.

This woman is nearly 50 years old. My grandfather was ill and was hospitalised, and in the middle of the night when she thought I was sleeping, she used to bring in her man. One night I was in bed but I wasn't sleeping; I heard footsteps and she opened the back door and let the person in. She didn't put on the light, but when the person came in, it was the man, and she locked the door.

I heard her whispering to the man in the room and I went back to my bed. I could not sleep. He was there with her until 4:30 in the morning. The next day I went to see my grandfather at the hospital. He asked if everything was all right and I told him I had something to tell him but not then. When I got home, I told the helper that I heard a noise the previous night, and I was afraid that somebody had come into the house. She said nobody came there; it is my mind. I told her it was not my mind, I am not going crazy.


After my grandfather came home, she told him that I accused her of taking a man into his house. My grandfather told her that she is a big woman, and if she wanted a man she can go and stay with him because he doesn't want anyone to come to his house as he doesn't trust anybody. From that time, this woman took my name to the neighbours saying I don't want her to have a man and it seems as if I want to be with my grandfather. It is a good thing that the neighbours knew the type of person my grandfather, is and he will never be up to that.

My grandfather paid her off and fired her. She told him that she was sorry, but she did not say that he was along with me, but it looks like I want that. She told the gardener to talk to my grandfather and let him know that she was sorry and that he should take her back because nothing is going on for her. The gardener said that she is now baptised, so she is not in the man world anymore.

My grandfather asked me what I thought, and I told him not to take her back. The gardener told me that I must learn to forgive. Do you think that I am wrong to discourage my grandfather from taking her back?


Dear K.S.,

This woman should find herself another job. She knew it was wrong to encourage a man to come into your grandfather's place without permission. She is a mischief-maker, and it was pure mischief she was trying to spread on your grandfather and yourself. Perhaps she was jealous of the good relationship you enjoy with your grandpa. Your grandfather was very wise in firing her.

The gardener told you that she has now become a Christian; that is wonderful, but because she said she is a Christian, that is no reason why your grandfather should re-employ her. She has a dirty mind. She cannot be trusted. You don't have to hate this woman. If you were to see her on the road, greet her, but don't encourage your grandfather to take her back.


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