Weird News


February 01, 2016

A knife-wielding crab threatened a chef who was trying to cook it.

The ten-legged crustacean was furious after being transported to a restaurant in Brazil and picked up a knife in self-defence at the earliest opportunity. Video footage has circulated online of the crab scuttling sideways with the weapon grasped between its pincers and, as the chef closed in, it wave the knife in a threatening manner, in the hope he would scare him off. One YouTube user commented: "Don't eat the crab in Brazil ... it can be a little ... tough." It is not known whether the crab survived.

A bloodhound came seventh in a half marathon after she escaped from her owner's back garden.

The pet, whose name is Ludivine, left nearly all of her fellow competitors running to catch up with her as she dashed ahead and completed all 13.1 miles in just over an hour and a half. She even stopped for a break to sniff a dead rabbit on the Elkmont Trackless Train Treck Half Marathon in Canada.

A 102-year-old pensioner has finally gotten his master's degree.

Brian Lowe should have obtained his Master of Arts degree two years after he graduated from Trinity College at Cambridge University 85 years ago, but never applied for it. The pensioner - who read law and now lives in Australia - wanted to "complete his curriculum vitae". A Trinity College spokeswoman said: "We were delighted to hear from Mr Lowe and were happy to arrange to have his certificate sent out to him. We've checked the university registry for anyone older, and we think he's the oldest student to ever have their degree conferred."