Dog hunt goes viral


February 03, 2016

The hunt for a three-year-old dog has gone viral after his owner was hit by a car.

The campaign, #FindBarney, was launched in Britain to track down runaway canine Barney after a 72-year-old local woman, Jennifer Lowden, was hit by a car whilst walking her pet pooch in Devon, southwest England.

Jennifer was struck on the A374 road and killed last Monday evening.

A police spokesman said: "Ms Lowden was treated at the scene by air ambulance paramedics, but died a short time later.

"Ms Lowden's dog, Barney, is now known to have also been involved in the collision and inquiries continue to locate him."

The plea to find the biscuit-coloured dog by Devon and Cornwall police has been viewed over 70,000 times and has been trending on Twitter.

A man who thought he was saving a woman from a car boot stumbled upon a couple having sex.

Joe Craig thought he was being a superhero for the day when he heard a woman screaming from a vehicle, but got the surprise of his life.

Taking to Twitter with a series of tweets, including: "I was walking my dog round East Finchley, late, two nights ago. Chasing foxes, that kind of thing. And I heard a noise ... I heard muffled screaming and saw the boot of a car rattling. Oh no, I thought - someone's trapped in the boot! ... The woman was naked. On top of the woman was a man, also naked (sic)."

Earth is actually made up of two planets, scientists have found.

A young earth was mixed with a baby planet called Theia, following a head on collision 4.5 billion years ago that was so violent it also formed the moon.

It was thought that the moon was created when Theia grazed the earth and broke apart, which sent a smaller chunk into space that was caught in earth's gravity.

However, scientists have now matched oxygen particles from the moon with earth and concluded they are identical.

Edward Young, leader of the study, said: "Theia was thoroughly mixed into both the earth and the moon, and evenly dispersed between them."

A man has advertised for people to have sex with his robot as long as he can watch the action.

The engineer has claimed to have built the Android with women's private parts and is determined to find someone to have sexual intercourse with it.

The man - who has not been named - wrote an advert with a picture of the iCub humanoid robot developed as part of the five-year EU project, RobotCub.

It reads: "Hi, I am an engineer who has built an AI with a vagina. I need someone to come f... my robot and let me watch.

"I can't f... it because I'm like its dad."