Weird News


February 04, 2016

YORK, Pennsylvania:

Police say a Pennsylvania shoplifting suspect is in custody on charges that he briefly stole a police car.

Springettsbury Township police say the bizarre chain of events began shortly before 1 p.m. That's when police responded to a call that 21-year-old Marlo Harvard, Jr, of Baltimore, had left a Wal-Mart with some stolen merchandise. Police spotted Harvard near a bus stop and gave chase, and when one officer left his car to join in, Harvard circled back and hopped inside the still-running car and took off. Police say Harvard abandoned the cruiser near a bank and ran into a restaurant and then outside into a trash container. Police say Harvard denied wrongdoing saying, "I hang out in dumpsters all the time." Online court records don't list an attorney for Harvard


Authorities say a Pennsylvania man tried to sell drugs in a Pittsburgh traffic court.

Officials say 35-year-old Christopher Durkin spoke to a man in court after he appeared Monday to face charges of driving under suspension. A deputy told Durkin to leave. The other man told deputies Durkin

attempted to sell him Suboxone pills. Deputies searched Durkin and he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver. He is awaiting arraignment and it's not known if he has a lawyer.

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP):

Construction workers have unearthed the bones of a mammoth and other ice age mammals on the Oregon State University football field.

The Oregonian reports ( crews working on an expansion around Reser Stadium in Corvallis found a femur from one of the ancient elephants and bones from a bison and camel, all dating back 10,000 years. A spokesman says the OSU archaeologist believes the 10-foot pit where the remains were found could have been a pond or watering hole. OSU associate professor of anthropology Loren Davis says sick animals often went to a body of water to die. Davis says the find isn't unusual since thousands of mammoths and other long-gone creatures once roamed the surrounding Willamette Valley. Construction work has been moved elsewhere while experts examine the bones.


British police have arrested a suspected thief with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his trousers.

West Midlands police say they believe the man stole the phones from concertgoers at a show by band The Libertines in Birmingham, central England. The 30-year-old and a second man, who was also arrested, were spotted at the venue with their trousers taped closed at the bottom. Police were on the lookout after reports of phone thefts during an earlier Libertines gig in the northwest England city of Manchester. Police Inspector Gareth Morris said that anyone whose phone was taken during the show should

contact officers.