Pastor, what is the clitoris?


February 15, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a 17-year-old guy. I hear people talk about the clitoris all the time but I don't know what that is. Please explain what it is. My older brother was talking to one of his friends and he said that he could not find the clitoris of the girl he was with one night. I did not want to ask him what that meant because he wasn't talking to me. Do all women have a clitoris?


Dear M.W.,

I am going to answer your letter by quoting from the book, 'Intended For Pleasure,' by Ed Wheat, MD, and Gaye Wheat. Clitoris "is Latin for that which is closed in. Closed in by the peak of the labia, the shaft of the clitoris is from the one-half to one inch long and is located about one inch above the entrance of the vagina. Its outer end is small, rounded body about the size of a pea and is called the glans. A fold skin called the prepuce (pre-pyoos) partly covers the glans. The clitoris has been called the trigger of female desire. It is the most keenly sensitive point a woman has for sexual arousal and has, as far as we know, no other function.

Sufficient physical stimulation of the clitoris alone will produce orgasm in nearly all women. For this reason, many have thought that the contact between the penis and the clitoris is the only important factor in achieving orgasm". The primary purpose of the clitoris is for sexual pleasure.