Weird News


February 15, 2016

Five planets are aligned for the first time in over a decade.

For the first time since 2005, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen together.

Stargazers will be delighted to see the five planets in the night sky, in the moment of alignment, which became visible in Britain just before dawn on January 20 and will continue until February 20.

A five-year-old boy held a wedding for his pet pony called Ms Butterball.

Gabe Bush from Louisiana, USA, decided to arrange a wedding for his beloved Shetland pony so she can get married before having future offspring. The young boy was adamant that Butterball should have a proper ceremony, complete with music, cake, tutus and bow ties, after discovering his grandfather planned to breed her with fellow Shetland, Mr Big Stuff. Gabe told CNN: "My mom taught me how you gotta get married before you have babies." According to the news site, Gabe's grandfather Richard Logan Snr - a local minister - officiated the ceremony.

An elderly man was reportedly sucked out of a Daallo Airline passenger plane following a midair blast in Somalia.

The incident reportedly took place at 14,000 feet in the air after the explosion left a gaping hole in the cabin on the Djibouti-bound flight, just five minutes after take-off. US government investigators suspect the explosion to be a bomb but are awaiting further inspection. Survivor Hassan Mohamed Nur told MailOnline: "I saw the passenger, a man in his early 60s, get sucked out of the plane. There was a huge bang. A big hole appeared in the side of the jet and the man disappeared through it." Authorities have since sighted a burnt body 18 miles north of the Mogadishu airport.