Weird News


February 16, 2016

A restaurant was forced to shut after a rat stole a chip.

Reece Coombs, 22, issued a complaint after he felt the furry pest scurry up his leg while he was munching on a meal in Wetherspoons in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, with his partner Lucy.

He told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "We sat there having a conversation and a rat ran up and took my chip out of my hand. It ran up my knee with some speed - it felt like somebody had kicked me." Following the 30-minute evacuation, pest controllers were summoned and two rats were found. While Reece has received a full refund for his meal, he wishes to take matters further and will avoid eating at the pub chain in the future. A spokesman added: "We aim to uphold the highest standards in our pubs at all times and apologise to customers for this situation."

The pub has since been reopened and Wetherspoons claims the ordeal is being "dealt with."

A father has choked to death on a cheeseburger.

Darren Bray, 29, keeled over after the 99p meal from McDonald's got wedged in his throat as he attempted to scoff the greasy bap in one mouthful as a dare with his friends. Sam Bisgrove, a pal of Darren's, told The Metro newspaper: "He picked up the burger and rolled it in half and then said, 'Watch this', before putting the whole burger into his mouth." Paramedics rushed to Darren's home in South Wales, where they performed CPR, but they were unable to restart his heart and he was pronounced dead moments later. Dr Rhiannon Trefor told Cardiff Coroner's Court: "When we did an internal examination, there was an eight- by five-centimetre ball of food stuck at the back of his neck. Darren would not have been able to breath with that in his airway. Death would have followed quite quickly from choking."

A new species of tarantula has been named after the country music legend Johnny Cash.

The creepy arachnid is hairy and black, but that's not the only similarity to the Ring of Fire crooner, who was known as the "man in black". Rather than use its fangs to eject poison into a victim, the eight-legged Johnny Cash will "burn burn burn" them instead. What's more, the spider was coincidentally discovered near Folsom Prison in California, US, where Cash performed and was inspired to write his hit, Folsom Prison Blues.

A mushroom has been found in Hawaii that makes a woman orgasm just by smelling it.

What some would consider a true 'fungi' is actually the Dictyophora mushroom, which has been proven to provide ladies with the sort of euphoria many men dream of giving them. It was first recorded in 2001 but its orgasmic powers have gone viral after more research into the mushroom indicated that up to half of the women who sniffed the mushroom experienced an orgasm. It grows on dried lava flows in Hawaii and even has a distinct phallus-like appearance.