Weird News


February 18, 2016

A man has been eating sand for the past 25 years.

Hans Raj, 45, has earned himself the deserving nickname 'sand man' around his village after he proudly boasts about scoffing the grainy material, gravel and fragments of bricks. He said: "I have been eating bricks and rocks for around 25 years now. I love eating them. I don't think they have been any harmful effects on me. I started at a young age. Now it feels like all this is very normal to me. In my opinion, minerals in sand give me energy, as do bits of masonry". And, although he's spent almost three decades munching on the blocks, Hans - from northern India - is adamant he's never suffered any health complications because of his addiction. He explained: "I have suffered no problems in stomach and mouth. My teeth are absolutely fine. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem." However, doctors from Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, believe his cravings could be down to a condition called Pica, which is an eating disorder that sees people develop appetites for normally non-edible objects. Hal added to the Daily Mail newspaper: "I would try and take out a loose brick or crumbly parts of someone's house. That was the only way for me to get my regular doses of rocks and other things."

More lovers are proposing with an antique wedding ring.

Auction website Catawiki has reported a spike in the number of people searching for vintage sparklers from times past, including the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Antique Tiffany & Co designs. The site has teamed up with Deborah Mazza, a gemologist, to create a guide for shoppers and Deborah says the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's sapphire rock has set a trend.

She explained: "Traditionally, when going for a coloured gemstone, people have tended to opt for a sapphire engagement ring due to its hard-wearing properties, and Kate Middleton setting the trend".

Justin Bieber's concert tickets are going for a price that is hard to "belieb".

The Sorry hitmaker isn't so apologetic when it comes to raking it in on his forthcoming 'Purpose World Tour', with Tickebis recording the hot tickets are selling for up to six times their original price. The average cost on the secondary market to see the heartthrob is PS133.19, with the most expensive ticket being sold so far at PS354.67 - but the original price was PS55. Bieber is set to kick off his world tour in the US in March 2016, and touches down in the UK in October with his first stop at The O2 in London.

A drunk driver claimed he got drunk off beer-battered fish.

Brazen Przybyla, 76, tried to wriggle his way out of his driving under the influence charge by claiming the smelly meal was lingering on his breath and that's why he blew over the limit when he was pulled over by police in 2014. However, police claimed the man, who is a serial drunk driver, had an open can of lager on his truck's passenger seat when he was caught and his eyes were bloodshot and glossy. A jury in Adams County, Wisconsin, found him guilty of drunk driving and he will now spend the rest of his life in prison.