February 19, 2016
Portia Simpson Miller
Dr Peter Phillips.
Nikki Z
Chin Chin and Gully Bop


My dream, my dream, my dream, my dream, my dream. My condolences to Nesbeth's who lot his wife this week. Boy Nesbeth's, you think just a take off again and me know you did a look forward to the tours after tours and shows after shows. Latty Goodaz a pray fi you family.

Mama P, you and Peter Phillips full a chat but all now me caan see none a unuh a the debate. Unuh a talk bout step up the progress and unuh nah step up to the debate podium. Unuh a talk bout Andrew fi apologise but it look like unuh forget say the debate is for the benefit of the Jamaican people, not the JLP.

Peter Phillips me see the picture a your house and it look like a grudge you grudge Andrew fi fi him house. Every minute unuh just a talk bout the man house like a unuh alone want live in a mansion.

What a way Ishawna empty Nikki Z like a water bokkle?! A wha really gwaan make the friendship reach ya so? Me think dem a did good fren? A wha really gwaan? Nikki Z say she a ignore the diss because she get some followers from it. Nikki Z maybe if you did answer you wudda get even more followers, over you page kinda look dismal.

Chin Chin and Gully Bop a try tek people fi idiot enuh. Just like Gully Bop one teeth dung Inna the bottom row, Chin a heng on fi dear life inna the relationship. Miss Chin, you carry back the bed whe you did take out a the house? Wha Gully Bop a sleep pon now? You dash way every padlock inna you house? The people want to know.