Weird News


February 20, 2016

A goat is facing seven years in prison.

The farm animal, which has been referred to as a "repeat offender", was arrested in Chhattisgarh, central India after he was caught grazing on his neighbour's lawn and is now facing over half a decade behind bars for the bizarre 'crime'.

Mr Hassan, who owns the goat, told the Indian Express newspaper: "My goat scaled the boundary wall again and ate flowers and vegetables from the garden. It was taken to the police station and then the police also brought me in."

A policeman added: "The goat used to eat plants from its neighbour's garden. They complained about this several times, but the owner didn't listen. The watchman has given a written complaint and the goat is in custody."

A baby conceived on Valentine's Day, last year, was born with a love heart birthmark on her forehead.

Poppy-Rae stunned her parents Jade and Liam last November when she was welcomed into the world with a pretty romantic mark printed on the middle of her head.

Jade told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I couldn't believe when we spotted the heart on her head, especially after we worked out that she was conceived on Valentine's Day last year.

"It was such a lovely coincidence. It definitely makes this Valentine's Day extra special for us. Poppy-Rae is like our very own cupid baby. Now Liam and I can't stop kissing her."

The proud parents were initially worried the love heart, which doctors believed would fade, as it was merely a pressure mark, was something more sinister. But after getting the red spot checked out at their local GP surgery, the couple were assured it was just a birthmark.

Jade explained: "When I first noticed the mark on Poppy-Rae's forehead turn bright red, I was a little concerned because I didn't know what it meant.

"But we were relieved to find out that the birthmark didn't pose any health problems for her."

Shocking new research from truTV has revealed that paranormal activity has haunted a fifth of us, while the same reckon their pet can definitely or probably see ghosts, and one in 10 of us think we've been molested by a ghost.

Ahead of new show Paranormal Survivor which airs tonight at 9pm on truTV, renowned celebrity psychic medium Grant Colyer has created a video giving people advice on how to keep ghosts out of their homes.

He commented: "Britain has a history of terrifying hauntings and I'm busier than ever helping exorcise ghosts and spirits that haven't fully passed over. Lots of people will experience the supernatural at some point in their life, so I've worked with truTV to create a guide to help Brits banish ghosts and reclaim their homes from unwanted spirits."

Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars is the most played love song.

According to music licensing company PPL, which collates the romantic singles, the 2006 Grammy-winning track has featured on UK radio stations the most over the last 15 years, whilst the least played is Bryan Adams' Run to You. The Northern Irish rock band pipped boy band Take That's Rule The World and Kylie Minogue Can't Get You Out Of My Head to the post. The group's track from the album Eyes Open came ahead of international hitmaker Beyonce's Crazy in Love, Whitney Houston's power ballads, Billy Joel's timeless classic Uptown Girl and Seal's Kiss from a Rose.