Weird News


February 22, 2016

A cat has travelled 250 miles from home.

Sebastian, a Burmese cat, stunned his owner when he was found under a car in Ashurst Wood, Sussex, a year after he went missing from his house in Yorkshire. Karen Belcher, head nurse at the Midivet Forest Lodge vets where he was taken to, said: "It is standard procedure when we get strays to see if they have a microchip. We then rang the database and were able to trace his owner. She was absolutely delighted and over the moon. She thought Sebastian had died because he has been gone for a long time and Burmese cats are not normally very road-savvy." It's not known how the naughty moggy made his journey but, apart from being a little skinny, was in a good health. Karen explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He has obviously had food because he wouldn't have survived this long otherwise. We think either someone took pity on him or he was hunting on his travels." Sebastian spent two days at the vet before being picked up by a courier and escorted back to Yorkshire last week.

A replica KITT 'Knight Rider' supercar is being auctioned.

The artificially intelligent KITT supercar from the 1980s TV series - which aired 30 years ago and starred David Hasslehoff - has gone on sale on auction site Catawiki. Estimated to sell between a cool PS26,000 and PS35,000, fans of the cult-classic show may be tempted to purchase the vehicle which responds to voice commands to turn on the engine, open the windows and switch on the headlights. The sale comes as Google's first driver-less car was declared a legal motorist in the US and, much like KITT, an on-board computer controls all aspects of driving.

Butlin's has invited Will Smith to the holiday park.

The UK's budget family-break company has extended a warm welcome to the movie star and his family - including wife Jada Pinkett Smith - after he expressed a keen interest to "come and visit" during a national radio interview recently. Smith, 47, told Absolute Radio: "If you can find me a nice place, I'd definitely come and visit." Butlin's MD Dermot King commented: "We can always find a 'nice place' for Will and his family, however knowing he and Jada have a free weekend at the end of February as they have chosen not to attend the Oscars ceremony, they are more than welcome to come and enjoy our 'Here and Now - The Very Best of the '80s Weekend' in Minehead. It's a musical era Will is very familiar with."