Four-year-old boy brings mother on date


February 24, 2016

A four-year-old boy saved his pocket money to take his recently divorced mum out for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Staff at Pizza Express in Newton Abbott were moved to tears when Max Schofield took his devoted mummy Emma to the restaurant.

Emma - who has divorced her husband of six and a half years - told The Telegraph newspaper: "We were greeted with a waitress in tears who had watched our special dinner date.

"Looking at her eyes welling up, I also began to shed a tear. She gave us our meal free of charge as a gift from Pizza Express in Torquay as she was so touched by what my son had done.

"This extremely kind gesture left me crying with happiness and holding on to my son with pure joy," she said.

A newborn baby abandoned in a bucket with the umbilical cord still attached has been saved by a policeman.

The hero officer received a call from a member of the public, and rather than wait for an ambulance, he ran to the scene in west Colombia and swiftly transported the little tot to a nearby hospital.

Doctors examined the baby, who turned out to be a girl, and found she weighed a just a little over three pounds and was likely born a month premature.

Footage posted on video sharing site YouTube followed the sensational rescue attempt, and the girl's mother is now being tracked down.

A piglet is believed to have been born with testicles in place of eyes.

The poor little piggy was put down so he wouldn't suffer, after entering the world with genitalia where its eyes should have been.

It is presumed the piglet was also brain-dead.

A Redditor user under the username 'angryarcher' posted a photo of the animal on the blogging site.

Alongside the image, they wrote: "I'm not even sure if it was male or female, I do know that it was alive and probably brain-dead."

A man committed suicide in front of horrified shoppers after a pharmacist refused to dish him out methadone.

The 50-year-old gentleman died after he slit his own throat in a Boots store in Newcastle-under-Lyme over the weekend, when he was reportedly refused the prescribed medication.

One woman told the Metro newspaper: "A woman came running out of the store screaming and carrying a little baby. She was shouting, 'He's just done it in front of me.'

"When the police arrived, they swarmed straight around the store and went inside.

"Someone came outside and told us a man had come in asking for methadone, but was not allowed to have the drug."

The Boots store was immediately cordoned off, but has since reopened after police declared the death not suspicious.

A spokeswoman for Boots said: "We can regretfully confirm an incident happened in our Newcastle store in which a man died. Our priority is to support our colleagues and work with the police to aid their investigation."