Residents welcome election euphoria


February 25, 2016

Several residents across St Andrew say activities and handouts in their community have sprung up and things have started to look up since the election period heightened a few weeks ago.

THE STAR visited three communities and the vibe and consensus as it relates to either receiving something, acquiring a job or seeing more of their political representatives were equally the same.

Andrew Dacosta*, who resides in St Andrew South Western constituency, said he wish there was an election every year.

He said, "Di people dem start cook on a regular basis ... things a run. If we have election every year we life would a better. Road work a gwan and you nuh affi qualify, man a get work and mek money."

He also told our news team that he has seen counsellors and his political representative more than usual during the period.

When THE STAR went to St Andrew South Eastern, the sentiments expressed by residents were similar.

Tamkea Wilby* told THE STAR that 'things a run'. "Mi get money, other people get food and work a run ... what more could we ask for?" said Wilby.

When asked if such handouts would influence her vote she said no.

According to Wilby, "This only mek we know say things can better than it has been over the years... me personally done know who mi a vote for but that nuh mean mi nuh no fi accept 'gifts'. Nobody never tell mi fi vote for this party or that party when mi a get it."

Over in St Andrew South, one resident told THE STAR that he wished the campaign period would last longer so that the communities could get more out of their political representatives.

Oliver Allen* said his community has been vibrant these last couple of days.

He said, "The vibes inna di place cause a politics time ... we want to see it continue after the election. Work a gwan, people a eat food and money a run ... the bar dem crowdy with people a drink and hold a vibe."

Allen said nobody has told him who to vote for and that by accepting gifts, he is certainly not influenced on who to vote for.

In fact, he is not certain he will be voting. "The energy is much better this election than 2011, but I not sure I will be voting," he said.

*Names changed