Weird News


February 25, 2016

A man was convinced his head was going to fall off.

Bart, who was highly medicated from his recent trip to the dentist for a routine filling, was left sobbing into his pillow as he feared his head would drop off his neck while he was asleep and he would have to reattach it with duct tape.

In the footage, posted on YouTube, a woman can be heard telling Bart that his head is still attached to his head. She said: "You will be okay. Your head is on. Okay? Your neck is on," to which Bart hits back as tears roll from his eyes, "My tape is right here, nobody touches my tape."

A cat has been instructed to wear sunglasses.

The two-year-old moggy, named Bagel, has to rock a pair of cool shades at all times due to a medical condition in which she was born without eyelids and is unable to develop tears. Owner Karen McGill, who adopted Bagel when she was just two months old, said: "Bagel is the most loving, gentle, calmest, kindest cat that you'll ever meet.

"Everyone always wants to touch her as well as hold her. They want to stop and talk to me about her sunglasses, which I always do since it's so rare to see a cat in glasses, and I tell them why she's wearing them as well as her condition." But it's not just a pair of sunglasses the furry creature has to wear; she also has to pull on some clothes as well because she's unable to regulate her body temperature.

Karen explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "If I didn't adopt Bagel, she probably would've been returned and euthanised due to her special needs - I couldn't fathom Bagel not being here. She has touched so many people as well as helped numerous people through situations in their lives. As long as I can put a smile on someone's face, make them have a better day, look at life differently because of our posts, then her Instagram account is successful."

A man has trimmed his 18-foot tree to resemble a penis.

Chris Bishop, a tree surgeon from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, has spent three years trimming and carving his Cypress bush, which takes prime position in his front garden, into its naughty shape. Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "No-one's commented when I've been out in the garden, people have just looked at it and walked past. I think it's because they're trying to work out whether it's just their dirty minds." But the talented man has admitted he didn't decide to shape the tree into a penis to shock people and, instead, just wanted to lift the mood of passers-by. He said: "If it caused any offence I would chop the head off. I don't want to offend anyone, I just want to make them smile."

A man has spent two years planting flowers for his blind wife.

Mr Kuroki created a whole field of gorgeous cherry blossoms in a bid to make his spouse smile again after she lost her sight at the age of 52 and refused to leave their home. The old romantic - from Japan - embarked on the mammoth task over 10 years ago by ripping out trees and perfecting the soil to ensure that the pretty purple plants radiated a sweet smell. Now, with the garden overflowing with thousands of the impressive plant, the pair have attracted over 7,000 a day to their impressive display in the spring time. And Mrs Kuroki - who sunk into depression after losing her sight following a battle with diabetes - can often be seen walking around the garden with a huge smile on her face.