Madonna trying to "mediate" with her son


February 26, 2016

Madonna has been speaking with her 15-year-old son - who defied a court order to return to New York in December in favour of staying with his father Guy Ritchie in London - in a bid to resolve their differences before a custody hearing on March 2.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Madonna and Rocco have been talking. They are trying to mediate themselves.

"Madonna is trying to win him back [before the hearing]."

While Madonna, 57, has been speaking to her son, she hasn't had any conversations with her ex-husband.

The source said: "Rocco has been the one reaching out to Madonna. She and Guy are not on speaking terms."

Despite making a move towards a reconciliation, Rocco is keen to see his mother - who also has children Lourdes, 19, David, and Mercy, both 10 - relax her strict rules before he will agree to return to live with her.

The source added: "Guy is very relaxed, while Madonna is strict and regimented. She is saying things will be different."

News of the move towards a reconciliation comes just a few days after Madonna spoke of how much she "missed" her son.