Mice destroys tunnel plans


February 26, 2016

Police rescued an otter named Ollie only to find out he was actually a fur collar.

Reports of a maimed furry creature strewn by the roadside caused the cops to rush to the scene - in Shropshire - after a number of worried motorists made contact.

Police were left baffled when it turned out the otter was actually a stray piece of fur collar, and took to their Twitter account to laugh about the mistake.

They tweeted: "Report of an injured otter at the roadside turned out to be the fake fur collar from a coat."

Mice have been blamed for destroying plans made to solve the ongoing traffic congestion in the city of Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels officials blamed ravenous rodents for munching on the master plans made to tackle the issue, and the local parliament have been told the repairs have now been put on hold.

According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the unlikely tale was made while an investigation was under way into underground tunnels in the Belgian capital, which are in danger of falling apart.

And now the people of Belgium are outraged with some saying it's just an excuse not to fix the traffic problem.

The Sputnik website commented: "Obviously, rodents sneakily devoured the documents so that the streets of the city will never be free of traffic jams."

A fat hedgehog has been put on a crash diet.

The spiky creature - nicknamed The Big One - has been forced to lose weight as he weighs 3.8 pounds, around three times the size of a normal hedgehog, and can't roll into a ball.

Carer Darren Squires, who works at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cricklade, Wiltshire, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "His size is a hindrance to him, and now he can't roll up tightly in a ball. If he was released into the wild he wouldn't be able to defend himself. He needs to get on the treadmill, and we have got to get him to lose weight.

"We have put him in an enclosure so he has to forage around. His bedding is in one part and his food in another so he has to do a lap to find his food and burn off some energy."

The chubby creature piled on the pounds after he was rescued by an animal-welfare volunteer four months ago, and was fed puppy food and dried mealworm.

Darren explained: "Hedgehogs store up a protein-rich fat over the winter for when they hibernate. But this one has taken full advantage of not needing to hibernate, and has kept his stores up too well, so much so he has ballooned."

A music-streaming service and British illustrator have created a challenge dubbed the world's hardest music quiz.

Deezer has teamed up with Mohan to create a complex collage which contains 50 visual clues of previous BRIT Award winners dating back nearly 40 years, and challenges fans to try to figure out who each one is.

The streaming service and Mohan joined forces with 50 music editors to work on the piece ahead of the BRITs that was held on Wednesday.

Sam Lee, Deezer's UK & Ireland music editor, said: "UK has a massive music history, and we all like to think that we have great knowledge of who's who in music.

"This is a fun challenge ahead of the BRIT Awards for music fans to name all 50 references. Some of them are easy - such as a Dell computer to represent Adele - but if anyone can guess what the colourful bowtie represents it's a bit more impressive."