Weird News


June 21, 2016

A doctor used leeches to save nipples that were about to die during breast-enlargement surgery.

The plastic surgeon says the slimy bloodsuckers can be a life saver to the pinky peaks on a woman's breasts. Speaking about his experiences on the operating table, Dr Anthony Youn said: "I've used leeches to save nipples that were about to die ... Leeches act as a 'vein' to drain out the clogged up blood. All plastic surgeons have them in their 'back pocket' in case all hell breaks loose and the surgery goes down the tubes. I've counselled women who had industrial-strength silicone injected into them in hotel rooms, I've seen maggot infested wounds, I almost got lice from a patient. I've seen genital warts the size of cauliflower heads, and have had patients hit on me."

A man has seen Donald Trump's face on his bathroom floor.

Clayton Litten, from Midlothian, Virginia, is convinced the billionaire politician and US Republican presidential hopeful has materialised on a tile in his toilet. He spotted Trump when he was sitting on the loo and has sent the image to the Trump campaign in the hope that his hero - who he is planning on voting for - will visit the apparition, but they haven't responded. Litten says he's not the only one who noticed Trump staring back at them as they gazed at the floor. His wife and the workmen who laid the slab have all spotted the steely-eyed Trump in the marble.

An adopted man tracked down his mother and fell in love with her.

Within a few weeks of meeting his mum Rose, Shane Burke, 19, from Manchester, confessed he had fallen "in love" with her and was suffering from genetic sexual attraction, which causes a person to fancy a relative. His mother, Rose Bestall - who gave birth to Shane at age 15 - explained to People: "I knew Shane's feelings were completely inappropriate, but I had searched for him for so long and I didn't want to push him away again. I told him I loved him unconditionally as his mum, but our relationship could never be anything else." Shane added: "Now, I love Rose because she is my mum, nothing more. I call her Rose as we're all still adjusting, but maybe in time I'll call her mum."

A chicken named Monique has sailed around the world with a French explorer.

Guirec Soudee chose the red-feathered hen as his shipmate and the pair became firm friends during their two years at sea. Their travels are being documented by video and Monique has helped Guirec find fish to eat and kept him supplied with fresh eggs. According to their Facebook page, "Monique felt so comfy at sea that her egg production hit rocket highs! In the 28 days it took for our duo to cross the Atlantic, Monique had laid 25 eggs! We have a champion!" Monique doesn't ever get seasick and apparently dreams of approaching the North Pole.