Weird News


June 22, 2016

An 11-foot alligator was discovered dead in a drain.

The "abnormally large" reptile was found by drainage staff in Florida after a family called to report a blocked drain with a deadly stench coming from it, and they were shocked to find the corpse of the beastly animal. The Lee County Department of Transportation were able to remove the gator. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, DOT Director Randy Cerchie said: "This was an abnormally large gator, but removal is part of what we do. We don't usually see gators that big because our pipes are not that big."

A kitten travelled 300 miles attached to a car bumper.

The feline was found by Royal Navy pilot Lt Nick Grimmer, who discovered the little kitty meowing and purring whilst on a business trip from Birmingham in the north of England to Royal Navy Air Station in Culdrose in Cornwall in the southwest. He revealed to BBC News: "The place he has felt most comfortable is in my flying helmet, which is the only place he is able to sleep." Grimmer said the pussy was unharmed and he is trying to locate the owners.

A shortage of avocados has been blamed for increased crime in New Zealand.

So far in 2016, there have been a reported 40 large thefts from orchards in the Pacific nation. According to the Guardian, criminals have been stealing up to 350 avocados at a time. The tree fruit is on the market for an astonishing PS2 to PS3.

Twenty-four per cent of British people would prefer to spend a holiday with Wayne Rooney over exotic Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The new research was revealed by the official national accommodation sponsor for the European Football Championship, HomeAway. Belgian player Eden Hazard was a close third, followed by Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic closing out the top five. Yvonne Bonanati at HomeAway said: "We know our guests love being able to hire whole apartments for their holidays, but it seems Brits are willing to allow an extra guest when it comes to footballing legends. With England at EURO 2016, fans are clearing getting behind the team, with Wayne Rooney topping our polling of footballers they'd most like joining their summer holiday."