Weird News


June 23, 2016

A cafE has opened that allows people to pretend they're animals.

The Coffee, Cake & Kisses - a restaurant on London's Warren Street - has opened its doors to people hoping to fulfil their sexual fantasies. According to TimeOut magazine, the club specialises in talks, workshops and meet-ups on well-being, relationships and sexuality. The founders, Sonia and Amanda, said: "It's not a sex club, so nothing explicit happens and guests all wear everyday clothes, but pet players are encouraged to don accessories if they wish." The concept of 'pet play' allows for sexual partners to role play - one dresses as a submissive animal and the other a dominant master. Andrew, 35, added: "Pet play has a really caring aspect to it as well. Whilst a trainer might reprimand their pet for misbehaving by, say, spanking them, they will also reward good behaviour - whether that's by feeding them a treat or giving them an orgasm. For me, everything is done with a deep sense of affection and tenderness."

A cow has got her head stuck in the trunk of a tree.

The clumsy creature had to be rescued by four firefighters and a vet after she managed to get her face wedged in the bark while grazing around a field in North Yorkshire. The officers had to use straps and heavy farm machinery to pull at the cow, who had to be sedated during the mission, but they managed to do so successfully and she was unhurt.

A woman flew a frog 500 miles to a vet after she accidentally ran it over with her lawnmower.

Min Tims was left distraught when she discovered she had gouged open the animal's head with her grass-trimming device but refused to just let it die and, instead, flew her new green friend to a special hospital in Cairns, Australia. But once he arrived at Frog Safe - a conservation group in tropical Australia - staff quickly realised the animal also had an underlying condition - two internal parasites.

Speaking to The Dodo, Deborah Pergolotti, president of Frog Safe, said: "Compassion and empathy for all is what the future of this planet is dependent upon. If people can nonchalantly turn away from someone who needs help - including small animals - then we as a species may not deserve to be helped ourselves." The frog was given antibiotics to clear up the medical issues and managed to make a full recovery.

A porn website has launched blue movies with audio descriptions for blind people.

Pornhub now has 60 audio videos with voice-overs done by professional voice actors. They said: "Our described video campaign seeks to help institute a larger dialogue within Pornhub's community with regards to how we can not only better serve the visually impaired, but also to understand how to make the site accessible to all."