June 24, 2016
Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walkeron Days of Our Lives

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Katie invited Rick to her home with the intention of finding out who the new man was in Brooke's life. Ridge showed Brooke how much he cared about her as a friend by trying to talk her out of making a huge mistake. Wyatt and Steffy shunned Quinn after she made an unannounced visit. Katie continued to struggle with her desire to drink while contemplating the possibility of Bill and Brooke having an affair. Liam was blindsided when Katie started asking questions about his family's secrets. Wyatt noticed an unusual change in Quinn's attitude after he paid her a visit. Bill begged Brooke for one more evening together before ending their affair.

Watch For: Someone witnesses a forbidden encounter. A promise is broken when false pretenses are exposed. An apology between siblings conjures up immense remorse.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: At the lodge, Aiden did all he could to remind Hope of the love they once shared together. Blanca encouraged Rafe to let go of Hope. Brady called out Summer on her lies. Nicole arrived at Chloe's to speak with her in person and was stunned to learn that Deimos is alive. A sleep-deprived Theresa took Tate out to the park and ended up falling asleep. Summer returned to her hotel room and found a satchel filled with money. A frantic Chad put his men on the search for Abigail. Chad found a note from Abigail in his home. Deimos agreed to return to Salem with Nicole, who was both relieved and intrigued by what that might mean for them. Rafe found out that Aiden visited Andre while he was in jail. Nicole was upset when Deimos said that he wanted to get revenge on Kate first.

Watch For: JJ confronts Chad about Abigail. Hope is overcome with past memories while getting intimate with Aiden. Andre reveals that Abigail gave him the letter.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam discovered that Alexis was in a mountain of trouble. Ava feared that she will be hunted down. Julian was reminded of what he must do. Valerie was forced to make a tough judgment call. Monica was suspicious of Tracy's diversionary tactics. Julian imagined doing the unthinkable. Kristina and Aaron talked about where they were headed as a couple. Lulu and Dante floated the idea of paying a special homage to her brother. Julian was shocked by Sonny's revelation. Dillon admitted he wasn't over Kiki just yet. Anna learned why Griffin left the priesthood. Morgan asked Dillon to back off from Kiki. Hayden discovered a disturbing connection between Nikolas and her father. Nina had it out with Franco.

Watch For: Finn gets some news about some life-saving treatment. Maxie takes a liking to a new candidate at Crimson. Julian makes a desperate bid for escape.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Travis tried to convince Victoria that he had nothing to do with the oil spills and tried to shift the blame onto Luca. Meanwhile, Luca and Travis told different stories about their fight. Nick suggested to Summer that she spy on Luca. Sharon was flustered after seeing Sage's "ghost," who scolded her for making Nick suffer. Mariah lied to Nick and told him that Sharon was taking her meds. Victoria broke up a fight between Travis and Billy. Later, Victoria told Travis that she was falling in love with him. Ashley reminded Phyllis that Jack's birthday was tomorrow and suggested bringing him to the Abbott cabin for a romantic getaway.

Watch For: Nick and Victor press their father to admit that he's out for revenge. Mariah begs Kevin to keep Sharon's secret. Abby confides in Ashley about her marriage.