Weird News


June 27, 2016

Hundreds of people have signed a petition to save a squirrel in South East London.

Some residents threatened to kill the innocent animal for "hiding nuts in their pot plants". Distressed residents of Woolwich, London, began the petition to save 'Cyril the squirrel' following calls to pest control at the Royal Arsenal development to exterminate the furry fellow for hiding his food in residents gardens. Nearly 250 people have signed the petition for the single squirrel in a bid to save its life, with dedicated citizens to the cause deeming the little guy as "part of the community".

Waterstones accidently invited customers to a 'willy' rendezvous in-store.

The rude gaff was made on Twitter at 9:13 a.m. last Tuesday when the book store in Uxbridge, London, warned its book-lovers to ignore the rain, dress for the occasion and visit the store. The tweet read: "Morny! It's raining and rubbish outside... but warm?! Anyway. We're open until 7 p.m. tonight. Put your willies on and pop in for a browse! (sic)" But it wasn't long before eagle-eyed customers spotted the hilarious spelling error on the social media account. The tweet had accidentally muddled up 'willies' for 'wellies' - changing the entire meaning of the invitation. It wasn't long before the tweet was quickly removed and another was posted acknowledging the error, which read: "Erm... oops... obviously, put your WELLIES on if it's raining. I'm going to go and hide in a corner now (sic)". And this was followed by another that read: "It's Monday morning. I make no excuses #willygate (sic)"

A female shark has given birth to three babies without having sex.

The leopard shark has reportedly laid 41 eggs in a "virgin birth" at the Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville, Queensland. Aquarium specialist Laura Coulton told Australia's Daily Mail: "This is what is known as a virgin birth, which means that the eggs weren't fertilised by a male. During a virgin birth, the mother can only produce females, because she can only pass on her genetic information. They're not actually a clone, because the genetics are reshuffled for the babies." The three baby sharks have been named Cleo, CC and Gemini.

Spider's silk is being exploited to make a new violin sound.

The strong, elastic properties of a spider's web that warn the creature when it has caught its pray are being utilised to make music. A prototype violin has been created using golden silk, spun by an Australian Golden Orb spider. Its creator, Luca Alessandrini, said: "The amazing properties of spider's silk mean that it serves many purposes ... spider's silk has only previously been exploited as string in bows for instruments, but I've discovered that the amazing resonating property of spider's silk has massive potential uses in instruments themselves." Oxford Universities Zoology Department supplied the spider's silk, as it is known as the strongest silk in the world. The violin has been shown to a number of Grammy-nominated violinists.