Weird News


June 28, 2016

KFC have created a chicken box that lets you charge your phone while you tuck into your finger-lickin' good meal.

The new packaging is called a 'Watt a Box' and contains a section with a built-in power bank so you can power up while getting your chicken fix. However, the downside is they will only be available for one week at KFC India outlets in Delhi and Mumbai-KFC India spokesperson Lluis Ruiz Ribot told Times of India: "We launched the 5-in-1 Meal Box in March this year and the objective of providing an abundant complete meal and at an affordable price for customers. With the launch of a Watt a Box, we have gone a step ahead and also introduced an element of utility into the box."

James Cracknell has revealed he dances along to pop band Little Mix with his kids.

The 44-year-old rowing champion - who has daughters Kiki and Trixie and son Croyde with his TV presenter wife Beverley Turner - was among a number of celebrity dads who got involved in a campaign to show how fathers go above and beyond to bring their children happiness. The campaign, titled 'Men Don't But Dad's Do', was a partnership between Dove Men and Care and a number of celebrity dads. Ben Foden, Dom Joly, Michael Vaughan and Jeff Brazier also got involved taking to twitter and using the hashtag #FathersCare to share their hilarious and touching experiences of being a dad. And it appears these doting fathers go out of their comfort zones to keep their kids happy. Rugby player Ben teaches daughter Aoife Belle to ice-skate, comedian Dom chases down his kids pet pig, and TV personality Jeff shared photos of his baking disasters in the kitchen.

A man with the ironic surname Thorne has won the World Nettle Eating Championship.

Phil Thorne competed in the annual event, which was held at the Bottle Inn pub in Marshwood, Dorset, and chomped his way to victory after he ate 86 feet worth of stinging nettles in one hour beating 40 other contestants, according to the Mirror Online. The chef - who has been crowned the champion for the second time in three years - said: "It doesn't hurt as much as you might think, you just get a tingling around your mouth. The worst bit is the jaw ache because you're chewing for an hour straight. I get quite carried away with it to be honest, with the crowd cheering us on. It's quite exciting. The juice from the nettles has left a bit of blackness around my mouth." However, the numb tongue is the least of his worries, as he reveals he suffered from a more troubling side effect. He explained: "It does leave you having to go to the toilet quite regularly. It's quite therapeutic really, some people pay for a detox which does a similar thing."

Brian Blessed will be making his debut at Glastonbury Festival this weekend by voicing a 'talking toilet'.

The Flash Gordon star, comedy queen Kathy Burke and influential musician and DJ Cerys Matthews aim to challenge festival goers as they wade through the music extravaganza held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, South West England's muddy fields to visit the crapper. Users of the posh bogs will be joined on the throne by the three stars, using the smallest room in the festival to share the huge problems of not having a toilet. Using humour to give a small sense of what life is like for the 2.3 billion people globally who still don't have proper sanitation, the loos will encourage everyone who visits to get behind WaterAid's #ToiletsSaveLives campaign.