Weird News


June 30, 2016

A bear has been mistaken for a human.

The animal, called Pedals - who has his front right paw missing - walked on his hind legs, which led, onlookers to believe he was a man dressed in a costume because of his uncanny tricks that are tracked on his own Facebook page.

A video of Pedals roaming the Oak Ridge area of New Jersey has brought in a lot of attention. According to the Mirror Online in response to the clip, one commentator wrote: "Really amazing footage. Very vulnerable. It isn't only the walking upright which makes him seem human." It has been reported by the man who cares for the creature that he "cannot and will not trap him", and a petition made by 300,000 people urges that Pedals be helped. However, a request for Pedals to be relocated to a sanctuary has been rejected by "NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife because they feel he is fine".

A teenager has blamed his graffiti on people not wanting to put his art in a gallery.

The teen was caught on video camera vandalising a Metro train window in Australia by a passenger while he was being confronted by another commuter about his law-breaking behaviour. The youth claimed he had "nowhere else" to be creative in a way that people would see. The teen had carved out letters in the glass and when told to express his creativity on canvass or easel, he replied: "Who's going to see it, who's going to hang me in a gallery?" The footage of the incident was handed to the police. A Metro spokesman told Daily Mail Australia: "It is so disappointing to have an incident of this nature occurring, as we have been working so hard to eliminate graffiti and vandalism on our trains."

Mini Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans battled it out in a life-size Fisher-Price garage.

The two children, pretending to be the former Top Gear host and current Top Gear presenter, raced each other on the Fisher- Price-inspired garage, brawled and wrestled for control of Honda's BTCC rally car, sabotaged each other's vehicles and even caused carnage to unsuspecting members of the public viewing the latest Honda range. The unruly antics were to mimic the 'ratings war' between Chris Evans' Top Gear and Clarkson's new show, The Grand Tour. As rivalry finally reached the boil, the sour-looking Clarkson and entertainer Evans were spotted smirking at the level of destruction handed to the other.