July 01, 2016
Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady in Days of Our Lives.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: When Thomas told the other party guests about Brooke's reason for not attending, speculation ensued. Liam confronted Brooke about her affair with Bill and encouraged her to come clean to Katie. Following her tense interaction with Bill, Katie broke an important promise to her family. Thomas was relentless about getting Steffy to admit that she was still in love with Liam. Bill and Brooke shared a difference of opinion regarding whether they should tell Katie about their feelings for one another. Wyatt paid his mom a visit to make sure she was staying away from Steffy. An irate Bill chided Liam for butting into his personal life. Brooke and Katie had a heated argument, unleashing years of resentment and anger toward one another.

Watch For: A husband commits the ultimate betrayal. A sworn rival plots revenge when given the opportunity. Power-hungry players strive for the top position.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Theresa revealed to Brady that she fell asleep while she was watching Tate. Victor did his best to comfort Maggie, who was distraught over Summer. Kayla admitted to Steve that she still wasn't ready to move forward with him. Jade tearfully told Joey that her parents wanted nothing to do with her. Chloe revealed to Philip that Deimos was returning to Salem. Shawn was concerned that his relationship with Belle was at a standstill. Nicole asked Chloe if she was interested in Deimos. Chad still didn't trust Andre but pretended to be on his side. Kate worried that Deimos was out for vengeance after she tried to drown him in the river. Chad had a conversation with 'Stefano', who told him that Abigail might not be the best mother for Thomas.

Watch For: Theo and Claire share a warm moment. Chad receives news on Abgail's fate. Andre orchestrates a secret plan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam and Jason speculated about Nikolas and Ava's whereabouts. Laura wondered about Spencer's odd phone conversation. Maxie bonded with a job candidate at Crimson. Kiki and Morgan shared a close moment. Liz voiced her belief in Franco's innocence. Jason had some bad news. Anna urged Alexis to be careful. Nathan was shocked by what he found. Maxie questioned Griffin about the challenges of the priesthood. Sonny was frustrated because he was forced to leave Julian's fate in someone else's hands. Meanwhile, Julian got increasingly suspicious. Maxie learned the truth about CJ's true identity. Kristina whispered the wrong name at the wrong time. Nina unexpectedly hired Curtis. Alexis tried to buy some time. Nikolas found an opportunity to escape. The mystery surrounding Josslyn's kidney donor deepened.

Watch For: Laura becomes more reliant on Kevin. Anna has her moment of truth. Theo gets the upper hand.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Adam was against postponing the trial even if it meant giving Kevin more time to investigate. Meanwhile, Nick visited Victoria and told her they needed to go to Adam's trial as a united front. Christine and Paul were surprised to see Nikki in the courtroom. Nick told his sister that he wouldn't be shocked if it turned out their father framed Adam. Sharon admitted to Mariah that she went off her meds because her nightmares were getting worse. Nick asked Luca not to mention the trip he took overseas to investigate the oil spill. Jack was defensive when Billy quizzed him on his relationship with Phyllis. Hilary shunned Devon as she waited to see if Dr Neville's treatment was working. Luca made a mysterious phone call to warn someone about Nick.

Watch For: Stitch opens up to Abby about their recent marital difficulties. Victor's accomplice surfaces in Genoa City. Sharon struggles to keep her secret.